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Sell Your Photos

As easy as 1-2-3

1. Upload your photos

2. Manage your event (create galleries, set prices, tag photos)

3. Go-Live (and you're in business).

How it works?

After photographing the event upload your images to the 21C servers.

The system automatically creates the galleries, thumbnails, and 'pop-up' images for you.

Once you've finished uploading;

  • set the sale price for your pictures;
  • tag the images (by race number) to make it easier for your customers to find the images they want;
  • pay for the upload and the event goes live instantly.

What does it costs?

£2-00 per 100 images uploaded ... that's it! A single, simple, one-off fee.

Have your photos tagged by us ... for £0.75 / 100 we'll tag your photos by competitor bib numbers.

No monthly charges ... unlike many other systems we don't charge to join, or demand any monthly fee for membership or storage.

The one-off charge per event covers everything for that event. When you're not using us, we costs you nothing.

What do I get?

100% of all revenue from sales ... no deductions, no commission, the money gets paid straight into your PayPal account.

No minimum payments, no end of month roll-ups, no waiting at all!

Images hosted for instant downloads for three months after the event;

  • 80% of sales are in the first week after the event;
  • Reaching +95% in the first month.

Images hosted for 24hour email delivery for a further ten months;

  • To capture those 'slow' customers, who don't get around to buying immediately after the event;
  • To capitalise on anniversary sales of events being photographed.

We handle any problems ... you can move straight onto your next event.

We ensure your customers get their pictures, and deal with any problems they may experience.


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